The Social Media Battle


The Snapchat app looked good being the only app which had “the story” feature. What happens when every social media app follow their idea?



Snapchat is the ultimate tool in a marketer’s life and in the advertising world. Other than allowing its users to tell the story of their day without them thinking of a lasting record, the app features all kinds of geofilters (some of them sponsored), video tricks, Shazam, and more. Snapchat started a revolution between children and teenagers as they came up with a chatting camera idea.

They knew how to study the insights, and to strike where they had to. By having the ability to send and receive images and videos, nowadays generations of children are always on their Snapchat profiles.

Instagram and Facebook tried to follow this strategy since they target a slightly older audience, but did they manage to overcome Snapchat’s fame?

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I thought Snapchat was the winning team but that was before Instagram and its new face-altering lenses and location Geofilters.

Snapchat and Instagram are not that different since they have same filters, theme and message. The key factor that Instagram thought of was the older/ mature audience, since they have serious brands and big names from every industry announcing and posting deals, offers, new music, launching dates, and more on the app.

The typical 18 year old uses Snapchat, while a 35 year old is interested in Instagram. Looking to engage new customers maybe, the Instagram app banned sexual content since the very first day, ensuring customers that this is a safer place than Snapchat. This is why the Snapchat app feels original, their approach and purpose don’t focus on perfect photos, they focus on exactly that moment, meanwhile Instagram is all about perfect polished photos.

They have almost the same mechanism, the row of stories, filtered photos, geofilters, but the difference between these two social and mainstream apps is that Instagram is more polished and elegant than Snapchat, even though they both are advertising-friendly apps. This is why on Instagram we tend to follow more stories, while on Snapchat we only have ten friend accounts.

Instagram and Snapchat may be the way of how brands will conect with their consumers in the future.

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What about the other apps?

Since Snapchat was the first app to come up with “the story” feature, Instagram and Facebook may look like they have stolen the idea.

Instagram took the idea and made it better, they updated and fitted it for their type of target consumer and theme, and the same thing did Facebook too. Since Facebook couldn’t buy Snapchat, it replicated it.

Snapchat targets a younger audience and Facebook started to lose its users because of the new concept, so they came up with the same story sharing idea, and that managed to get their audience back on track. Since the stories have an original and rather non-polished and sexual content on Snapchat, the content is cleaner on Instagram, and the fact that the stories can be shared better on Facebook, no one noticed that WhatsApp has a story section too, but that is not a threat for any social media networks.

There is no winning team here, just a losing concept. Not a while ago, cameras were used for capturing the moment and phones were used to send text messages and take not too many photos. The society today makes people think that everything is about that selfie and that holiday check-in, and by embracing all these app concepts we give them what they want and instigate.


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