Introducing The Perfume World


My next project is based on fragrances/ perfumes and every scented product in this world. I need to come up with an idea and produce a scented product and to do that research is really important.

I have started with BBC Perfume Documentary ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and continued with trend/ brands/ retail research and most important, research trips, but I thought I should start by sharing some interesting facts from the documentary.

No action and mostly boring, this documentary is necessary for a person who is interested to start a career in the fragrance world or at least find more about the industry.

What got my attention was a particular brand, old and based on tradition/ heritage, Guerlain.


They are all about tradition and not about the image or person who models for the fragrance, they believe in a scent that reminds you of a particular scene. The brand believes that a perfume is a fashion item and needs to be changed regularly and they make fragrances for people to feel powerful. As they say, when a woman buys a Guerlain perfume she needs to feel like wrapping herself in a cashmere blanket.

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The documentary focused a lot on the process of making “LOUD” perfume by Tommy Hilfiger. The designer wanted to push the boundaries between a  music and smell collaboration. The team basically created rock n roll as a smell.

My favourite part of the documentary was the story of a man who creates “non-perfumes”. He thinks that perfumes are too mainstream so he decided to create fragrances that smell like snow/ cold, wood/ forest, a new book, a british old bar. He is trying to make into a fragrance every thing that doesn’t have a perfume smell.

To do a new perfume a person has to do it in a different way than the others. Perfume is like bottling a memory and once we “open” the bottle the smell has to take us into the past even if we talk about a first love, a holiday or a break-up. When we use a perfume suddenly we are transferred to a place or we feel an experience again.

Someone said an interesting thing in the documentary that got my attention. Even if people want a perfume that is determined by time or a place why couldn’t someone make perfumes that makes us think of the future. A perfume that would make us feel like is a new chapter in our life when we buy it.



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