Creating my Trespass product

Last project was more complex than the other ones because I had to create a product based on a fashion trend and a random brand. Although it was quite difficult I managed to create an interesting concept.



My Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion trend was “Native Nomad”, a trend known for the detailed work on the clothes.

After searching through the historical and cultural background, developments and updates, I’ve found out that Native Americans are known as Indians and they belonged to different tribes.  One of the tribes is called “The Southwest” and includes Arizona, Colorado, Texas, huge inspirations for my trend.

Nomads focused on art, music and pottery, not on fashion. They made cooking vessels and musical instruments using nomad motifs to decorate them. Even if nomads were focused on things other than fashion they were interested in making jewelries from feathers, bones, beads and teeth.

Nomads  started to be interested fashion when Europeans arrived in some of their tribes. They saw each other constantly and they were inspired by each other’s clothes so they started to combine items of clothing and they came up with ideas, soon they were dressing the same.

Nomads made their clothing from animal skin or weaving threads. The items depended on region’s resources, climate, and traditions. Most of them wore ponchos, fringed vests, boots and feather headdresses, which are popular among this trend, cotton shirts, wool trousers and bandanas. A woman’s dress was different in some regions, from the way they wore it to the material that was made of. After some research regarding nomads’ traditional clothing, I found out that some pieces used to decorate the dress are significant symbols, like honouring a relationship or telling if a woman is married or not.

A decade ago the trend was popular among western movies, music, photography and home design and then started to appear on the runways.

In 2010 and 2011 the trend dominated runways like Anna Sui, Etro or Missoni, with african and boho accents and approaches of fur outfits. Fur accessories and jewelries were a must in McQueen’s collection and Julien Macdonald’s.

Anna Sui A/W 2010





Balmain came up with some futuristic nomad outfits in his 2012 collection and DsQuared approached this trend with a festival theme, including tricky spring materials.


Balmain S/S 2012

Alexander McQueen Pre Fall 2014




The trend made a big comeback in 2014 in Chanel’s Pre Fall collection, even McQueen had some avantgarde pieces, for a “haute-couture nomad”.

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In 2015 the african vibe was back, designers made few changes around the trend, adapting it to their brand. Interesting twists of the trend in 2016 in Isabel Marant’s show.

In 2017 and 2018 every store will be full of nomad outfits. Every nomad piece was seen on the runway this year especially in Missoni’s catwalk.


Trespass is a sportswear brand specialized in festival accessories and camping gear.

The brief asked me to recreate their head torch based on the Native Nomad trend. To do that I decided to interview a real adventurer so I can have an idea on how my product would improve something in the adventurous world and what should a normal head torch do besides being a light source.

Since Trespass is a brand appropriate for every age and thinking about reinventing their head torch, I chose Roxana Ioana as my muse to start. She’s a 19 year old from Iasi, Romania, who takes adventure in style and is more than willing to try the Native Nomad trend.

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After seeing what she has to say about the Western world and nomads, I came up with an idea suitable for every age.

My head torch transforms a normal camping night into a relaxing night in The Wild West.

Since Trespass is a brand which connects people with nature and adventurous environments I wanted to make people do and feel more than just sleeping in a tent. They should feel like they live that moment, a relaxing moment but still linked to the wilderness.
By using the head torch as a reflector it can be able to project desert landscapes, Wild West sunsets, places like Arizona and Colorado and more. The head torch is able to project the images in the entire tent because the comfortable head torch stays on the head and the image will be able to move when the head moves.

I got the idea of projecting landscapes when I saw a project by Living Architecture called “A Secular Retreat”. They project trees around an accommodation where people can check in.

To make the product more interesting and to make people feel the environment real enough, I have decided to add headphones that can be connected in the back of the head torch.The device includes a playlist of six hours with desert and nature sounds.
The product is designed different for women and men because diversity is more interesting. For women the material is faux fur because it’s feminine and the design is the basic head torch headband. The colour palette for the fur headband is based on beige, camel or grey ombre tones.

I got the idea of a fur headband when I saw Migos’ music video “ T-shirt” inspired by nomads. I think that fur accessories are a must in a native nomad’s outfit.




For men I thought a native american headband will work. A simple and comfortable design that includes a colour palette based on beige, black and faded red. I chose to attach some feathers in the back because they are an important feature in native american’s culture and fashion.


At first I thought I should promote the idea on Facebook because every person uses it daily and the brand targets kids, adults and older persons but I ended up choosing Instagram. After doing some research on Trespass’ promotion on social media I saw that they use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and they post on every each of them but they are dedicated more to their Instagram account because they repost photos of costumers using their products or clothes.

As a promotional idea I thought a contest will make things more interesting. People can post on Instagram (using the hashtag #TheNativeTraveler ) their best interpretation of the head torch projector and the most artistic one will win a trip to a destination chosen by them.

Inspirations for the project

Clint Eastwood

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ennio Morricone

David Guetta – Lovers On The Sun

Ralph Lauren Home



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