VOGUE Photoshoot Project

Analysing and Shooting Project

The brief of this project asked us to work in teams and analyse every aspect of a given VOGUE photoshoot then collaborate with a product and recreate the photoshoot through our vision. I was given “New Nomad” by Juergen Teller featured in VOGUE’s March 2015 edition.

I started with analysing the other articles hoping to find some relevance. Inside I found articles about Gisele Bündchen, the cover girl, talking about her life as a mother and wife, Seventies vibes on the catwalk, Alexander McQueen’s exhibition at the V&A and some relevant articles for my photoshoot, since I had to use jewelries as a collaboration,  Chanel’s new jewellery collection and an interview with Vogue’s jewellery editor, Carol Woolton.


First page of the photoshoot inspired freedom, free spirit, african and boho vibes and female confidence.

The photoshoot took place on Greek Island of Hydra, a pure but wild place that blends well with the nomad theme, giving a bohemian vibe.

The photoshoot starts with a contrast between a white Greek background and a colorful outfit that matches the model’s wig. The model shows her free spirit in the second photo by playing with her maxi playful skirt, the photograph capturing again a contrast between a faded cold landscape and a colorful outfit.





Many of these chaotic outfits remind me of the ones in Gucci’s collection for Pre Fall 2017 because of the colour schemes and effortless look.





By the third photo the background changes into a more welcoming one, the subject still plays with her dress and the fact that she is barefoot shows the childish side of her.




Stella McCartney (2015) was a feminine choice for the yellow dress because it inspires confidence, comfort and fragility.






The next two photos show other playful poses that connect with the nomad landscapes. I associate the bohemian photo with Rusell James’ photos of Behati Prinsloo for the exhibition called “Semino Spirit” because they bring the same nomadic/ free spirited theme.



Timing was right for a more mature photo. Juergen captured a grown up side of the model where she looks confident and more feminine but still fragile. After a random photo that inspires an urban vibe, the perfect photo that brings to life a Roberto Cavalli (Spring/ Summer 2015) piece comes up and I couldn’t think of a better designer to present an exotic scene like that one.

A photo where the wig matches the outfit again is shown and it gives the idea of “the morning after” look because of the comfortable clothes and her messy hair and “no make-up” face. Another shoot shows her wondering on the island in a dress perfect for a landscape like that. A background and a pose similar to the ones of Behati appear in the next photo and the message is freedom and free spirit, the model acting like a native nomad.

After “the morning after” vibe the subject is trying to freshen up and move on by having a bath in the sea and going to the hairdresser. The fact that her wig matches her outfit again can mean that her personality reflects her looks and her style. For the last picture she shows a grown up/ mature figure basically saying that she is a new person now.

To understand the another part of the photoshoot’s story I analysed behind the scenes too.

Juergen Teller, the photographer, is known for his shoots of models being random and comfortable inspiring an effortless look by wearing minimal make-up.

Pop Magazine S/S 2016

Saskia de Brauw, the model, is the “go to” model when it comes to rocking the “no make-up look”. It feels like Juergen chose her specially for the photoshoot.




Jane How, the stylist, used to style Juergen photoshoots in the past. She uses the same “just woke up” looks for familar scenes like the one from “New Nomad”.



Lynsey Alexander, the make-up artist, doesn’t have too many similar looks like the one from this photoshoot. She uses more heavy make-up looks but she styled Saskia before. She has few bareface looks to make a statement with.





Syd Hayes, the hair stylist, works for the same style: messy and effortless that connects with the background’s story.He did a similar look for Juergen for a photoshoot with his students.









To represent our idea in the best way we decided as a team to blend the jewelries with the autumnal landscape.

We chose a gothic necklace because of the red accents in its design and for the shooting place we thought that The Arboretum Park (Nottingham, UK) is a good place to show the connection between nature and jewelries by placing them in unexpected places.









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