The True Cost Project

Sustainable Fashion Project

For a team project we had to come up with an idea of how can we make people pay more attention to the pollution that fashion industry brings.

As a start we had to watch “The True Cost” movie, a movie that brings up pollution, diseases and death caused by how fast fashion industry moves.

My team was inspired by a key quote from the movie that sums up what fast fashion is really about and we tried to find other key words linked to death (blood, kill, fight, suicide, disease).


When we came up with ideas interactive media campaigns played an important part in our research. H&M did a collaboration with London College of Fashion to raise awarness towards sustainable fashion through different window displays across the cities from UK and an interesting collaboration with singer M.I.A through a music video.


We also took a survey and got some interviews to find out what people really know about what is happening behind the beauty of fashion. People who took the survey were aged between 18-23 years, most of them females and almost more than half of them didn’t know about sustainable fashion.

The project focused on the word “BLOOD” and we answered few questions before creating the event:

  1. WHO do we want to target? Students of all ages, males but mostly females.
  2. HOW to act? By connecting fashion with death so we can shock people. We want to connect with students and interact with them through fun and educational campaigns that would inform and shock them about  the issues of fashion.
  3. WHAT do we want to achieve? We want to educate people about their clothing and how to look after it and to make them understand the difference between wants and needs.

THE PROJECT  -A Sabotaged Catwalk Show

To make our event popular we came up with a schedule full of activities that will run few days until the main event. During mornings we would go through student accommodation to give them flyers that notifies them about the event. For a good representation of our project we thought we can use a cut-out dress idea that shows what happens behind the glamorous life of red carpets.

In Nottingham’s city center the clock would go every 30 minutes through the day to signify the death of the farmers. Every 30 minutes a farmers die or commits suicide because of the problems that fashion industry brings. To link this with death we came up with the idea of painting the clock’s hands with red paint.


During the week we would promote our idea through social media using the hashtag #wouldyoukillforthis and we would have a Snapchat filter too featuring a bloody figure.

The catwalk show will take place outside of Nottingham Trent University on a red carpet. Once the show starts it will be sabotaged with paintball guns with red paint splashed across the white clothes.



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