Bisto & Baby Clothes

A Collaboration Project 

A project that I really enjoyed working on was a collaboration between a well known brand and an everyday product. The brand that I was given was the food brand Bisto and the product baby clothes.

 I had to work in a group which meant that I had to share my ideas and work with my colleagues, practice visual analysis and understand consumer’s mind.  After giving each other feedback learned in the previous projects or in the seminars we started to come up with ideas.

We had to present our idea on three moodboards. For the first one we analysed Bisto as a brand and product since the beginning of their history. We interpreted their ideas regarding consumer’s mind and behaviour and we explored the package’s colour palette, shape and  pattern trying to find a message to attract our consumer.

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Interesting facts:

  • First Bisto product came on the market in 1908 and it became (and still is) a bestseller in United Kingdom.
  • The name Bisto comes from : Browns, Seasons and Thickens in One
  • The famous Bisto Kids were created by illustrator Will Owen in 1919 and they became very popular. They are still popular nowadays even if they are not the image of the brand anymore.

The second moodboard was based on Bisto’s advertising and this got us thinking what do we want to say through our product.  They are trying to make family dinners “an IT” again since not too many people have a family dinner every night, in fact if I think about it I am not sure if family dinners exist anymore.


What phrases and imagery can we connect with Bisto? The TV show “Modern Family” is the best way to say “This is Bisto!”. Their family dinners include children, teenagers, adults and older persons which means a Bisto product can target everyone. When I think of Bisto I think of old times cooking, a typical italian mother who cooks everyday for the family appears in my mind.

What message Bisto is trying to communicate? We associated the brand with Thanksgiving, Christmas because the colour palette of the package is based on autumnal colours including different shades of brown, washed green and the main colour red.

We also associated Bisto with a relaxing and cosy environment (like a typical tumblr photo), family gathered around the table for dinner laughing and having a great time by the fireplace. We used key words to make everyone understand the message.

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We chose Heritage because Bisto is all about tradition and it gathers every person in the family at the table, British because it’s well known in UK, Nostalgia since it makes everyone think about the old times when they were kids, Loyalty,Simplicity, Reliable because people can rely on the brand for preparing any kind of food in a short time and Danish word HYGGE which means cosy.

In the last moodboard we had to present our idea professionally. To start we thought about the most popular product by Bisto and that is Bisto’s Gravy Granules that were introduced in 1979. How could we make a product between a food brand and baby clothes? We thought about expandable towels, those tablets that tranform in hot water into towels, and we got the idea of Expandable Baby Clothes. Just by adding “the granules” in hot water they will dissolve in a light clothing item for babies.

Once we all agreed on the main idea we started to think about packaging so we searched online known brands popular for their packaging.

Milkbarn has a cute packaging, a cut-out little box so you can feel the material of the item. Little Rufus has an organized jar box packaging which features their mascot on it. Innocent is a smoothie brand and even it has nothing to do with baby clothes we liked the little hats on the bottles.

Little Rufus


Our packaging is a glass jar, similar to Bisto’s packaging, but since is a collaboration with baby clothes we thought we should add a little softness by covering the jar in red faux fur.

How it works?

  1. Place the tablet in a shallow dish
  2. Add cca. 10 ml of water
  3. Wait for few minutes
  4. The product will expand

We chose Instagram as a social media platform to promote our idea. Parents can dress their babies and post pictures on Instagram by using the hashtag #ItsGravyBaby.


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