Is Narcos the best thing ever happened to Netflix?


Narcos is an American TV show based on Pablo Escobar’s life, Colombia’s most feared drug dealer.
The series are filmed in Colombia and they have two seasons and an upcoming third season.


I didn’t knew much about Pablo Escobar when I started watching Narcos but what impressed me the most was that Wagner Moura, the actor who plays Pablo, went to college in Colombia to learn Spanish because he speaks Portugese.

My favourite season has to be the first one because back then Pablo was way too powerful and thing were more interesting. First season tells the story of Pablo Escobar who became a billionaire by producing and distributing cocaine in Colombia and America.

Javier Pena & Steve Murphy

The story is told by Steve Murphy, an American DEA agent working in Colombia partnered with Javier Peña, another DEA agent. All they want is to end the flow of cocaine that is transported to USA.

Season two follows Escobar becoming weaker and weaker until he dies, executed with a shot to the head.
What I like the most about Narcos? I should have known by now since I’ve seen the show four times and I am about to start it again. Maybe is Escobar’s power that gets me or just the real videos and photos that are featured in the show to make it look more real.


Stay tuned for a “Narcos Fashion” blog post!


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