Pre arrival for Fashion Communication and Promotion

My course’s pre arrival activity was a small task that was supposed to help us prepare for what Fashion Communication and Promotion means.  This pre arrival activity helped us to develop a perspective and an opinion on what fashion industry is and it helped us increase our critical confidence when analysing fashion codes.

Back to my first week when I had to bring a sketchbook with digital, retail and printed examples that speak to me and inspire me. If you are not sure about these terms, digital examples include blogs, websites and online marketing, printed examples are focus on magazines, brochures, lookbooks or flyers and retail examples are all about window displays, visual merchandising and shop interiors .




The reason why I like Vogue’s website and I read it almost daily is because they have a section for..basically everything (latest news, fashion tips, catwalk, parties) and because their website design is very organized.

You can find there everything from fashion week to front rows and parties, celebrities,  and they are the best inspiration for street style.


Their  Facebook page is better than the actual website because it’s easier to approach when everyone is on Facebook nowadays.



The reason why I have followed Vogue is a pretty silly one and that was my favourite section on their website “10 best instagrams of the week” .





Kayture is the most influential blog in Switzerland and it’s runned by Kristina Bazan and James Chardon.

The blog’s name comes from a combination of Kristina’s nickname and the word “couture”.

She is a singer, model, stylist and she is collaborating with popular brands such as Cartier and L’Oreal which make us follow her on this crazy journey.


Her great style and inspirational posts make me check her social media and blog everyday.


I just love what this blog brings with it!


Share a Coke and a Song


This is a campaign who features lyrics on Coca Cola packaging, from classic hits to recent songs.


“Share a Coke and a Song” helped Coca Cola brand to grow by choosing Selena Gomez to represent the campaign. The fact that consumers can instagram the lyrics makes a good social media marketing strategy. The brand makes every person feel special  through their motto: “You & a bottle against the world”. Coca Cola reflects optimism, love, friendship and more through the lyrics that they use from popular songs like “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, “Shake It Off”, “We Are The Champions” etc.







I’ve chosen some stores from my city (Iasi, Romania) because I thought I should show what kind of visual merchandising goes around there.

I have to be honest, Adidas store is boring inside but crazy outside because of the colorful and playful sporty theme. They have chosen three central points to look at (not just one), and they use celebrities to promote their collection such as David Beckham, Katy Perry and Lionel Messi. Their window display is a good example of visual merchandising because they have key pieces to show off and good lighting that focuses on them.


Darlington (Flower Shop)


The vintage look of a flower shop and the beautiful colours from the inside make the ultimate dream boutique. You can share a coffee outside and buy flowers inside, they also have a DIY section where you can make your own flower bouquets and list them on social media. The design is inviting for costumers, looks small from the outside but it’s quite big inside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think it’s an inspirational place that makes you find a reason to buy flowers.

Louis Purple


This store is a paradise for men and sophisticated clients.

What I like about this store is the fact that the garments are organized in an attractive way that invite costumers to try them. The lighting  focuses on certain garments  and the construction is classy and organized in a stilish way.

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It gives you the feeling that every suit has a story and men are confident when they wear Louis Purple suits.



Jeremy Scott & Moschino


No doubts that Jeremy Scott is the king of visual merchandising and window displays. He is all about controversy and extravaganza.

The stores are designed in a fun and fashionable way, his clothes tell a powerful story, as we know he redesigned many logos such as Barbie, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Sponge Bob etc.

He designs Moschino’s window displays with humour, irony and provocative attitude but in a classy way.





ELLE is a magazine with French origins that focuses on beauty, health, fashion and entertainment.7160-5a-elle-insidepg1-w810xh541-20.jpg

I have been reading ELLE for few years now and I feel like this magazine gives every woman what she needs and more than that I feel confident after I read ELLE. It’s a magazine with character who inspires women to think smart.

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This global network is all about modern publishing, inspirational interviews and editorials.


Victoria’s Secret Lookbook


Victoria’s Secret Catalog features glamour shoots from all over the world that include popular models. This lookbook gives you confidence & a point of view – you will buy that swimsuit and you will be confident in that swimsuit.


Candice Swanepoel gets most of the covers – and we all love it!

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Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret company will stop selling this catalog and also shoes and swimwear so they can focus on lingerie and beauty.








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