Dress like Kendall

A similar outfit to Kendall's... in collaboration with Choies. There is Kendall, wandering down the streets of New York City in a head-to-toe white outfit. This casual but classy outfit inspired me to do a similar one in collaboration with my partner Choies. Playsuit Boots Bag Corset


Dress like Gigi

A similar Gigi Hadid outfit... in collaboration with Choies. CHOIES, the online brand and shop, came up with the exact sweatshirt that Gigi was wearing on the streets of NYC. Buy the shirt HERE Pair it with THESE jeans Style the outfit with THESE similar boots Accessorize it using Choies Sunglasses & THIS bag  


We all remember The Hamptons days from Gossip Girl... To celebrate the rich Gossip Girl life at the end of Summer, I have made a list with Hamptons essentials: The Satin Playsuit The White Dress - inspired by the White Party Another White Dress A Serena Dress The Blair Pants The Serena Beach Playsuit Choies